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THE 8IGHT ~ “8 tid-bits about Palm”

The 8ight is our little contribution to getting to know bit more about the bands who we care and write about. It’s an education for us at CHF, and for (maybe) for you fans out there. No earthquaking ‘scoops’ here, but a friendly rap session.Oh and why ‘8’? Well, it’s just between 5 and 10, tis all. It’s about curiosity, and maybe it’s our little way of expressing respect for the bands, and how they carry out their craft.

Read article on Palm’s ‘Dog Milk’

(Fact 1)

SPIN article July 10, 2017.
I thought about “Walkie Talkie” during a series of brief phone calls–five of them in a period of about twenty minutes–that I exchanged with the members of Palm one afternoon a few weeks ago. We were trying, and failing, to find each other. The day before, we’d arranged via their publicist to meet for an interview in Brooklyn’s East River State Park, a small chunk of green wedged between a high-rise luxury apartment and a storage facility on the Williamsburg waterfront, not far from where the band was slated to play a release show for Shadow Expert that night. On the fifth call, we realized the problem: they had arrived at the other East River Park, a mile due west across the water in Manhattan. Instead of approaching each other from around the corner like we’d thought, we were exchanging dispatches from opposite islands.

(Fact 2)
None of the quartet is trained in their respective instruments, so they developed their own messy syntax from scratch.

(Fact 3)

‘Shadow Expert’ was featured as one of “25 Great EPs” by Stereogum (Dec 6, 2017)

(Fact 4)

They have a thing for Arsenal??

(Fact 5)

We think there is a 5th member of the band..lounging somewhere.

(Fact 6)

We think this is Gerry on the cover of the new album.

(Fact 7)

Their 2018 tour schedule is ready to roll.

(Fact 8)

The FADER article November 1, 2017
Palm is a project hinged on a lack of structure. Even their new album’s title, Rock Island, is proof of that. When I ask the four of them why they named it that — is it a joke? Is it earnest? — Eve says it’s named after a city in Illinois, but that it’s also “tongue-in-cheek, or celebratory, of rock music in general.” Clarifying, Kasra notes the title has nothing to do with the Illinois city. Further clarifying, Hugo counters that they, “definitely came up with the name in Rock Island, but it also is a coincidence.” It ultimately doesn’t matter too much; that’s how Palm rolls. They’re a band “without rules.”


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