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THE 8IGHT ~ Pink Fink + ‘Demonic’

Trying to frame out how music can be, is always an evolving and textually enigmatic exercise. Case in point, Pink Fink’s Demonic is straight forward and digestible, funky and accessible. But the mix of branding versus what the music really is – in itself, bit more compelling than we would initially surmise.

We’ll leave it at that.

Their latest dropped in Oct 2017, but it’s in print and available, so we all can enjoy their niche offering.

It’s a grand world.


The 8ight is our little contribution to getting to know bit more about the bands who we care and write about. Oh and why ‘8’? Well, it’s just between 5 and 10, tis all.

(Fact 1)
We’re strongly into the classic logo aesthetics. We dig it much.

(Fact 2)
Pink Fink is from New Orleans. Oh yea.

(Fact 3)
They are rep’ed by a label which is really into Gary Numan.

(Fact 4)
Of course, they were rep’ed at a Halloween party. Very appropriate, indeed.

(Fact 5)
They’re rep’ed by Disko Obscura. Good stuff, we say.

(Fact 6)
Yep. It’s called ‘horror future funk’. Deal with it, accept it, love it.

(Fact 7)
Album cover.

(Fact 8)
Album back cover. Cool-ness.


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