I’m Kingfisher share new single ‘What Would Loving Do Me Now’.

Thomas Jonsson is a craftsman. A indie-folk distributor of life’s feelings, hanging them to the staves in mid-sky. The notes get wet with sultry malcontented voices of struggle, of doubt, and many times, remorse. I’m Kingfisher’s ‘What Would Loving Do Me Now’, questions the obvious facts. But doesn’t prematurely deter the possibilities.

“I wanted to give this album time, and time came to be a big part of it…events and plans that ended and became something else, a feeling and a movement that fascinates me a lot.”

Because anything’s possible.

Life is possible.

The ‘living of life’ is possible.

The fulfillment of promises and regulatory bliss… it is possible.

Could it NOT EVER happen?

That is a possibility.

But don’t be defeatist.

You deserve more than that. You deserve to promise yourself, more than that. The Universe wants you. The Universe deserves the contented person you can become.

Glow with wide eyes open.

Trouble and challenges, abound, and IS the norm.

Let’s walk and stride together.


Jonsson is a vet with now, his 3rd album (as I’m Kingfisher) due out. He’s quenched many emotions through his outputs. His fans know what he’s about.

Album Track List:

  • What Good Would Loving Do Me Now?
  • Sinking Ship
  • The Oaks Rule
  • Luck Underwhelms me
  • Sarajevo
  • Can’t Wait For The Future
  • Superman In A Wake
  • Harbour’s Mouth
  • Silent Spring
  • Topography Of Gabon
  • A New House

He’s rep’ed by Fading Trails Recordings, based in Stockholm Sweden.


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