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A Choir of Ghosts // Nat and the Noise Brigade // Canyon City // Lec // Rose Of The West

A Choir of Ghosts – Southwest of the Moon

Off of his upcoming new album ‘An Ounce Of Gold’, the single ‘Southwest Of The Moon’ by A CHOIR OF GHOSTS, is a robust indie-folk affection which displays James’ ingratiatingly warm and attributable vocals for us to absorb. Painting displayed in his childhood home and nature inspired the lyrics to this song, the artist stated. And at the essence, the single is an apology letter to himself, to be stronger and forthright to ask for forgiveness from the ones he’d hurt along the way. A beautiful way of moving forward in life, we believe. Kudos, indeed.

Nat and the Noise Brigade – Boyfriend

‘Boyfriend’ is an 8 piece from London which goes and makes you smile. Go figure, right? How dare they! NAT AND THE NOISE BRIGADE makes alt-pop with traditional and non-traditional instruments, with one focus: to make fun and relatable song that charm. And boy, they sure do. Catch melodies, ‘foot-stomping’, unorthodox, beat that are off and on – the creativity in ‘Boyfriend’ is remarkably fab and transports you to another place. Out of that office, out of that laundry room, out of that college class where you’re not paying attention anyways. So, let’s all go out and dance in the streets! That’s it! Lead vocalist Nat Harding delivers a punchy commentary to something that needed to be talked about. Or at least sung. Joyous music, indeed.

Canyon City – Bluebird

Paul Johnson is CANYON CITY and with ‘Bluebird’ he took us to our own memories of love that was certain, way back when. And within that memory, the love that was to bloom seemed to be imminent. But life, uncertainty, indecision, and immaturity got in the way. ‘Bluebird’ is a cry for what ails us all, at some time in our lives. We hurt as much as we boast; a sliver of truth captures the unenlightened and it exposes us to the sunlight of what we should be really concentrating on. Sometimes those opportunities are lost. CANYON CITY’s single reminds us that, it’s okay; there will be other opportunities. So, be ready. Be thoughtful. Learn from the mistakes you’d made. CANYON CITY’s full length self-titled LP comes custom with the trepidations that are within all who take chances to be who they’d feel destined. “Canyon City is the project I quit my old job to pursue,” Paul explained, “and coincidentally, it’s the project that wound up opening so many doors for me. It’s allowed me to do what I want to do.” Bravo. The bold and subtle lyrics of ‘Bluebird’ sets a beautiful stage. This is an opportunity you should take.

Lec – You Don’t Care At All

Brighton, England based artist LEC presents a dollop of sanity in ‘You Don’t Care At All’. A modern indie-folk single, infused with all of the weight of the protagonist’s place in the world – in perspective. The shades of light to the emblems of life, to reveal the feelings from this or that; the lyrics momentary lapse of confusions, strike up an ultimate conviction to change. In hindsight. In self defining, stroll through what had happened. LEC’s indelible and unique vocal attentions make reality, unreal – and in contrast, the unreal, remarkable. LEC stated that he’ll be releasing new music every “2 months in 2019.”

Rose Of The West – Love Lies Bleeding

Gina Barrington is extraordinary. When her words hit your eardrums, the reactions become rain, of blood and beautifully loving emotions. “It gave me that space I needed, and encouragement I needed, to maybe just pick something up and see what would happen,” Barrington says. “It was an expression of that inner voice that you feel like getting out.” She’s supported by talented bandmates Cedric LeMoyne (Remy Zero, Alanis Morissette), Thomas Gilbert (GGOOLLDD), Erin Wolf (Hello Death) and Dave Power (The Staves). And when they all get together, magic happens in plain sight. The road to the ROSE OF THE WEST that is here now, has been harsh, according to the artist. But it’s here and it’s ready to make itself a part of this Universe of music. The right way. Gina is ready. We’re ready to support. You should too.


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