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A Choir of Ghosts Shares ‘Better Off Alone’ (feat. Ellen Sundberg).

The delicate vocal presentations of the band + ELLEN SUNDBERG, on this single, is wonderful. The ‘conversation’ being taken between the two lights passing each other in the night, is poignant and relatable. The two lovers might Not stick together. Or they might see it in their hearts to give it another try.

We’d been into A CHOIR OF GHOSTS since our review of their single ‘Outside The Window’. We’d stated: “[They are] a band of individuals worried about the world and its direction. The band accepts the goodness of the world, despite the negatives that is ripe within it. ‘Outside The Window’ tries to reclaim the ‘good’, from the point of view of being positive.”

The band is getting ready to offer a new album. And in the meantime 4 tracks will be released every other month, until that is accomplished.



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