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A Choir of Ghosts Shares ‘Outside The Window’.

When you are in the doldrums, and nothing is working well for you, the thing to do is to think of the little things in life. Happiness comes from the little funny way she speaks. It’s the little touch from his strong hands. It’s the little touch and kiss from your child.

The smallness of an object, is not the size of its totality.

The smallness of a love, is not shown fully in the things that are bought.

The majesty in the hug that is fleeting, can last a lifetime.

This is what we all strive for, at the end of the day. Relaxing, and comforting; knowing that someone’s there for you – next to you.

We think we all deserve some of that ‘real heaven’ within a span of a lifetime.

A CHOIR OF GHOSTS is a band of individuals worried about the world and its direction. The band accepts the goodness of the world, despite the negatives that is ripe within it. ‘Outside The Window’ tries to reclaim the ‘good’, from the point of view of being positive.



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