A CONCISE HISTORY of JOY ‘CIRCA ’96’ : Delicious, even in its derision of cult.

A Concise History of Joy

One of those perfect memories. Drinks and smokes with friends on my porch circa ’96. Hot summer night, an extended mix of ‘Being Boring’ going round on repeat, fights heard from behind the bar up the street. That memory became the first lyric, and with an arpeggiated K3m bassline, formed the genesis of the track.

“I felt a bit uneasy (again) naming another song/artist in my song, so I decided to push the unease and name as many songs as possible that I would have been listening to as that 1996 night unfolded. Ended up with a little romance and a trip to my roommate’s warehouse party, where the Hell’s Angels showed up and stole all the door cash.”

“A CONCISE HISTORY of JOY began because I was hearing a kind of electronic pop in my imagination that I couldn’t find in the real world. It was synth pop, but it was punchy and raw and buzzy and bombastic, whereas everything new I was listening to was chill and dreamy and drenched in syrupy reverb, or hard but glossy with production polish.”

Delicious, even in its derision of cult.


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