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A FEW BAD MEN Share Single ‘Kiss Me On The Lips’.

The tragedy of you and I, never ceases to amaze. We’re a car crash, no one can look away from. Blood all over, broken parts all over the road. Police sirens up and down the foreseeable horizon, blaring with white noise.

We’re free. Now we can run. Toward that white light, of calm and protruding ecstasy.

“Something’s gotten a hold on me, John! Help!” Serena screamed.

“What is it?!? What’s holding you!”

Both looked back at themselves, in the front seats of the wrecked Cadillac, and saw their earthly bodies, bloodied, and half chewed up by the crash – holding their clothes.

“I can’t move either!!” John suddenly told Serena. “I can’t move! You have to get out of your body’s clutches!”

We’re stuck to ourselves, it seems, forever and ever. The misery looks to be a perpetual stream of nasty thoughts.

Either we like it or not, soul mates we will be.

A FEW BAD MEN is a project of Simon Paul Roy (Bell Jar). Following the break up of Bell Jar, and a series of personal challenges, Simon stepped away from public performing and recording.

Now he returns with AFBM, stripped of pretense, and ever more ‘brooding’ songs.

Meaning is what Simon’s trying to find, in himself, and in society; in turn, helping the masses.

Listen to his hypnotic vocals now.



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