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A.I: Elon Musk is convinced humans must become machines, to survive against the machines.

“Many, including Musk, have argued that the rise in automation will force governments to establish a “universal basic income,” as so many jobs will be replaced by machines that unemployment will reach unprecedented levels.”

The above quote was from a May article by Newsweek, and it encapsulates a percentage of thought (intellectuals in this field of robotics and artificial intelligence) that human beings (biological organisms) will have to make a decision between two options in the far future: (1) stay as biological organisms and perish, or (2) develop tools to merge with machines, just to survive against mechanical/A.I. threats.

But why? Don’t machines need humans to program them and to maintain them? After all, humans are inserting those software code languages to give the machines a resemblance of human acts, right?

Well, we can’t even start to think about what this would mean, now, tomorrow, or for the future. We simply don’t know what and how species changing technology would look like.

Currently the companies that are working on such futuristic investments, are paying the current bills by working on challenges that exist in business: primarily on business intelligence, customer service intelligence and health. And that makes sense because all of these have to do with the many times un-predictable or mysterious actions of us – human beings. When an A.I. project is dealing with business intelligence, it is dealing primarily with consumer habits, wants, needs, actions – and how these can be predicted by the tools any company would be using to gain an advantage on another. Customer service intelligence has to do with (just like business intelligence) retention, satisfaction, brand protection in the market place. Health field is one of the big three, because it is so diversified with needs from its patients, doctors, and insurance backers.

In the meantime, what we certainly can do is see where companies / organization are targeting their massive amounts of capital to use. And when one follows where the investments are being laid down, it give one a good view (maybe bit cloudy) of the direction we as humans are headed.

Here’s a list. And yep, this is high-brain stuff.


Artificial Intelligence – this is regarding machines/software LEARNING for themselves, as they mature and during the time they exist. Leading companies/orgs are: Google Deepmind, Microsoft Element AI, Apple Vocal IQ, IBM Watson, & Elon Musk’s Open AI.

Robotics – Some leading companies already deeply invested in this field are: Google, iRobot, Touch Bionics, Northrop Grumman, Rethink Robotics, Accuray, Liquid Robotics, Prox Dynamics.

Cognitive Research – How can humans link their brain activities (their individual-ness) to machines, and transfer? These orgs/companies are researching just that: Neuralink (Elon Musk’s company, as well), Kernel, IBM.


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