A Kind of Man ‘FLIP & A KIND OF MAN’ : Symbiotic quandary of decadence within the sadness.

A Kind of Man

Bjørn Rosenquist is A Kind of Man. He gives his Lo-Fi indie music a two video canonization with acclaimed and award winning filmmaker Meeto.

“The vision with the videos was to make a story about losing. About losing oneself and about losing each other. That everything has an end and that you only have each other on loan. A kind of “coming of age” story of going from child to adult, while being a story of a father who must let go of his son who grows up and has to stand on his own. It all ends with a somewhat atypical ending you can see for yourself.”

Last time the two worked together was on the video for “Teddy love”, a wicked, psychedelic music video that was nominated for best music video at The True Awards 2019.

A shimmering darkness, enveloped in purging your emotions to cheer for the characters, the video and the song work together in this symbiotic quandary of decadence within the sadness.

A Kind of Man releases double music video with part 1 being ‘Flip’ and part 2 being ‘A Kind of Man’.

See part one HERE.


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