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A Kind of Man // Lecx Stacy // B. Hamilton // Frances Luke Accord // DARK PARTS

A Kind of Man – Franceen

A Kind Of Man’s debut EP drops November 29th. Danish A Kind of Man is Bjørn Rosenquist’s new solo project and his second single ‘Franceen’ is a fast paced mix. Bjørn stated: “After a strange and incoherent one night stand you always have to confront reality with bloodshot eyes. You’ve been hopelessly romantic and extremely drunk while chasing after a big love the night before – and the day after you just feel like writing a messed up song of shame. That’s why I wrote ‘Franceen’.” A Kind of Man’s first single ‘Teddy Love’ achieved airplay on Danish national radio and the music video made by Meeto has just been nominated for best music video at The True Award 2019. See Bjørn next @ Musik Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark on October 26th.

Lecx Stacy – Water Your Face Plants

Lecx Stacy. Twenty one. Filipino-American singer, song-writer and producer. San Diego, California. The stage was set, where the artist with the oddity that charms and coaxes, delivers with amplitude and attitude in ‘Water Your Face Plant’. Lecx began producing hip-hop beats and over the 7 years of producing, Lecx went through vast amounts of growth and stylistic maturation. We can hear that in his style of presentation, if you listen carefully. He doesn’t hide the fact of trying to insert relevance and effort into describing the angst, confusion, trivial manifestation, the humorous, and so on. Packaged neatly and in interesting force, the gentle weeping waves of Lecx comes to fruition.

B. Hamilton – 45 and Straight

B. Hamilton’s 4th album ‘Nothing and Nowhere’ is an album to drive late at night to, windows down, pounding along with Ojha and Macy’s urgent, yet steadfast tempos and rhythms on the roof of the car to stay awake. Parks’ vocals and guitar take us over potholed, winding, terrain that has lead many from adolescence into adulthood. What started as a bedroom project in 2010 for songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Ryan Christopher Parks, with the addition of Parks’ good friends Andrew Macy (Tall Grass) on bass, and Raj Kumar Ojha on drums (Once and Future Band, Shannon Shaw Band, Howlin’ Rain), B. Hamilton has since become one of Oakland, California’s staple Rock and Roll bands. Growling, perturbed, essential, and vehemently antithetical to the rock genre, B. Hamilton’s grind in the ‘rebel yell’ is woven through and through. ’45 And Straight’ is another example of their strident musical cause. B. Hamilton plans on touring for ‘Nothing and Nowhere’ in early 2020.

Frances Luke Accord – Thank You, Derrick Watson

When Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers put their songs and their voices together, there is a delicate and powerful magic that commands the room to attention. They are what NPR’s Mountain Stage calls “the definition of lean-in music.” Their soulful branch of indie-folk is orchestrated with spare and sophisticated acoustic threads woven into a lush backdrop for their intimate melodies. Rich, up-close tenor harmonies lend their timeless songwriting an urgency that honors the Simon & Garfunkel comparisons but pushes beyond into the world of Bon Iver, Jose Gonzalez, and progressive folk music. See this delectable duo next @ CSPS Hall, Cedar Rapids Iowa, on November 13th.

DARK PARTS – Halloween

DARK PARTS is the solo project of Brain Cosgrave. Halloween is the first single from this project and Brain employed a mystery guest female vocalist from a well-known band to help fill out the vocals. Los Angeles based and ready to kick some musical butt, whenever and where ever, Brain, take things to extreme with this ‘ghoul-ing’ take on the holiday with the mostest. A chant to the classic horrors and our own deeply embedded love for that manifestation, this single ‘Halloweeen’ is a fun and joyful ride right down your Main Street ideals. The raucous rock thump is classic, and as it plays you can’t help but try your best werewolf dance steps (a la ‘Thriller’). Comes with the territory, yo.


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