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A.M. Sam // Slideshow // Hideous Sun Demon // The Barren Spinsters // Elle Belle

A.M. Sam – Up in Silver Lake

Sam has been active in the indie scene as a guitarist and songwriter over the past couple of years, but in the meantime he recorded many catchy tunes in his bedroom. Most of them written in a car from somewhere to somewhere, about new girlfriends, broken hearts and traveling to leave everything behind. West-coast guitar riffs blended with Sam’s voice to danceable and catchy songs. References from Beck to The Beatles, and from Tame Impala to Velvet Underground. Sam likes cars, too. See A.M. SAM next at Poppodium Gebouw-T, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands on August 29th.

Slideshow – Midnight Language

SLIDESHOW’s ‘Midnight Language’ is the title track from their debut EP (available now). The new-wave coming-of-age vibe of the fresh sounds, keep your outlook towards your day, lighter and brighter. Formed in 2019, the brand spankin’ new Austin based project starts off life with a big bang. Band members Dylan Hewkin, Christian French, Kyle Garcia, Michael Reynolds, and Joe Alves makes things just smooth and succulent. With shoegazy guitars and beautifully balanced vocals, the lyrics pour out with flowery tensions and stress-free affection.

Hideous Sun Demon – Good Time

HIDEOUS SUN DEMON’s single ‘Good Time’ is what you want to have, even if you dread having it. Why? Because good times can’t happen forever. So, you get out there and ‘have a good time’. Don’t let it end. You won’t know when it will end. And you don’t care. Pace, thrust, pumpin’, surf, gather the angst in the bosoms of irresistible and roasting lyrics. You have a ‘good time’ when you’re at a HIDEOUS SUN DEMON concert. See them next at The Victoria in London, August 31st.

The Barren Spinsters – Hey Ruth

Canberra based THE BARREN SPINSTERS is duo, Brendon Houlahan and Matt Tennant. Brendon Houlahan stated: “You know it’s time to move to the city (Canberra) when your only good cuisine options include day old chicken in a bain-marie. The song is about other things as well, but that stuff is boring so let’s talk about chicken instead.” Rock n’ Roll blues is where they play, and in ‘Hey Ruth’, the Stevie Ray Vaughn-like vibes sprawl out onto the mat, and waits for you to do some oil wrestling. The duo are live show heroes and the unapologetically talented musicians keep it going in this fun music video.

Elle Belle – WKND

ELLE BELLE is the project of Christopher Pappas. And in ‘WKND’, he works with Kat Myers to dole out a sultry 90’s vibin’ pop-soul that hits with glorious hues. Liked the best traditions of Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, and Peter Gabriel, the harmonies of the story telling is of the utmost importance. Mellow and catchy, the long week is never over quickly enough. But at least there’s ‘WKND’ to push you along. Mixed with shimmer and delightful aesthetics from Christopher’s vocals, ELLE BELLE’s single is a certified knock-out for your musical desires.


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