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A.M. Sam ‘Up In Silver Lake II’ : A new dawn, in a new suit of armor.

Everything behind and not going back.

Sam has been active in the indie scene as a guitarist and songwriter over the past couple of years, but in the meantime he recorded many catchy tunes in his bedroom. Most of them written in a car from somewhere to somewhere, about new girlfriends, broken hearts and traveling to leave everything behind.

Sam let’s you know that: “This song is about the urge of leaving everything behind and not going back not even for him or her…”

And through his melancholically branded histrionics of his vocals, we collage together remnants of emotions that we fault with pride and gumption. A prelude to a disregard of delights and sweet memories to be, the gushing blood of turmoil and revision, dash the future and potentials.

‘Up In Silver Lake II’ is a stop and start. It is a reset of a heart begotten.

It is a new beginning to an ending yet to have solidified.

A new dawn, in a new suit of armor.

Delicate and worn, the idilic vestiges of a sophomoric journey, is weighed and analyzed by Sam’s unencumbered and description of the cynical.

Begin anew, sprinkles hope into the darkest waters of life.

See Sam next @ Melkweg Amsterdam for Popronde Amsterdam 2019 / Eindfeest, November 30th.



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