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A Place To Bury Strangers Due To Release New Album ‘Pinned’ On April 13th. Release Party April 12th.

A Place To Bury Strangers is a band that we said: “Deflecting shield deployed, and the resonant calmness settled down in this particular and artfully angular single, ‘There’s Only One Of Us’. A Place To Bury Strangers make it a dang mission for you to find out what this phenomenon is. It has the mask of an eagle. It hides the feelings of a tiger. It has the war wounds of a battalion commander”

The scorched earth music philosophies of the band is undeniable. The top half of the skyscrapers are cut evenly, for the terrestrial worshipers to divulge and correctly reflect on the ways of the forewarned.

APTBS is a warning.

APTBS is a thrust of the wine cork screw, up your chin.

APTBS is a hit to the shin – crack!

The fine arched mini-fractures of the bone, cuts and pierces.

Let’s all promise to celebrate the grit and the haunting remedies of APTBS. For that is the nature of things. And when the new album drops on April 13th, you’ll be glad you knew of the band.

They’ll save your under appreciated soul.

Buy [HERE] or [HERE]

They’re rep’ed by Dead Oceans / Secretly.

‘Pinned’ releases April 13, 2018.

Record release party day before on April 12th @ Elsewhere, Brooklyn. Here’s the FB Page.


Never Coming Back
There’s Only One of Us
Situations Changes
Too Tough to Kill
Frustrated Operator
Look Me in the Eye
Was It Electric
I Know I’ve Done Bad Things
Act Your Age
Keep Moving On


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