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A Place To Bury Strangers Share ‘There’s Only One Of Us’.

March to the death throws. It is your destiny to grind it out, pull forward, keep ahead. Don’t let them tell you different. Don’t let them keep you down. Don’t let them…

Their 5th new album drops April 13, 2018.

Deflecting shield deployed, and the resonant calmness settled down in this particular and artfully angular single, ‘There’s Only One Of Us’. A Place To Bury Strangers make it a dang mission for you to find out what this phenomenon is. It has the mask of an eagle. It hides the feelings of a tiger. It has the war wounds of a battalion commander.

Drum. Drum. Drum. March on!

The single is a majestic industrial rock rendition which harnesses our hearts in both capable hands – and tells us to just BE.

The rough and tumble riffs make it difficultly Hard to dislike. It’s just a song that is very catchy, in its own grandiose way.

And we dig that.


‘There’s Only One Of Us’ is from the upcoming album ‘Pinned’.

They’re rep’ed by Dead Oceans.

Buy [HERE]



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