A Rocket Complex ‘Freshen Up!’ : It’s fun, funny, suggestive, and gloriously pop rock.

A Rocket Complex

A Rocket Complex and their fragrant new single release, ‘Freshen Up!’ comes from their EP, ‘But This Time With Passion…’. It’s fun, funny, suggestive, and gloriously pop rock.

“We’ve all been there,” said the troop. “It’s the middle of a club night and you’ve had fair few alcopops; it’s time to break the seal. But what’s this? A man in a flowery shirt stands before you in the club toilet, with his wares all over the sinkside?! Is the hand dryer broken or did he just turn it off?”

Oh my.

A Rocket Complex are a duo from Portsmouth, UK. The band is made up of singer/multi-instrumentalist Will Powell and ‘he just plays the drums’ drummer Nathan Shervill. Their songwriting is an energetic blend of Alt Pop Rock and Prog, influenced by the likes of Chromeo, The Darkness and more.

Their sense of taste, aroma, and humor also has been translated to their YouTube channel for further examination.


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