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A. Spencer – Cicatriz

Suddenly she turned on the radio and A.Spencer’s Cicatriz came on. It was early Spring and the wind through the convertible felt refreshing and loving. Just like her.

She smiled.

Asking her silent question.


Then, I understood.

It was the early Spring and the wind went through her hair – her long beautiful hair – golden amber.

I thought I could count the freckles saying hello from her smooth skin, cheeks.

“I love you. You know that?” she stated.

I drove, turned to look at her. I drove, then turned to look at her smiling face.

“What could, in this harsh harsh world, attract such a beauty to the environment I lived in?”

The question lingered in my mind – today again – and every day.

She stretched her long arm, and touched me behind my head – stroking, caressing, carefully – seemingly touching each and every hair stalk.

I miss her.

I miss her, in my dream, within a dream.

She’s been gone for a short while.

I guess this will be a norm for me, for a long time.

‘Cicatriz’ came and was released in November of 2017. But the poignant malaise of emotions still soak through, like melting butter through fresh slice of white bread.

It’s something that is needed for nourishment – at least for a fancy snack.

The song is cursed with gentile sensibilities – seeking, finding, existing.

The song is a treat.

Enjoy that melting butter.

Andrew Spencer Goldman is ‘A.Spencer’ and he’s from Baltimore (Charm City). And we like it that way.



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