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A. Swayze & The Ghosts Shares ‘Connect To Consume’.

Keith Deverell

A. Swayze & The Ghosts’ single ‘Connect To Consume’ is a fun and experiential feeling song. Super over charged, rock, just vibin’ every which way, right into your pocket like a fresh one hundred dollar bill.

And just like that one hundred dollar bill, you feel it, smell it, and engage with the possibilities of its purchase power.


Social commentary from the band? Heck yes. But done in that rockin’ pump that we all love to dance to, even if you’re not in the mood. That’s where ‘Connect To Consume’ blooms and works.

The band stated: “We have exchanged honesty, beauty, ugliness, boredom–reality–for an abstract museum inside a digitized screen, curated by big business but sustained by us. We have volunteered to pace the halls blindly, loudly. We are promised the pain of life will numb. We are given a rule for everything. We submit, we succeed. We do not feel; we do not need to anymore. We have accepted the prison and adorned the uniforms under the guise of convenience. We have connected and now we will consume.”

The Hobart originating band has that rawness their audience craves.

We’re kinda hungry for that too.

Isn’t it your lunch time as well??

Fill your belly with some ‘Connect To Consume’.

Andrew Swayze leads this band with Hendrik Wipprecht, Zackary Blain, and Ben Simms completing the pact.

Oh yea. You’ll hear more from the band, for dang sure.

See them next at Rocket Bar & Rooftop, Adelaide Australia September 27th.



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