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A Valley Son Shares New Single ‘East Flatbush Sunset’. Brooklyn Brings Out All Kinds Of Feels.

A Valley Son, a country wester steel guitar wheeling indie rock band, shares with us the single ‘East Flatbush Sunset’. The story goes that the wild wild East of Flatbush and Brooklyn, is tough, just like a decent stick of cowboy beef jerky. And it can be. In the thick of things, and going through life, a band witness many things. Good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny. And in this single, it’s the boys in A Valley Son tells the feelings and bumps, in the wilds of the heart.

In 2017, the band released their debut ‘Sunset Park’ EP and full-length follow-up ‘But The World Moves’.

Now they have put a small challenge to themselves in trying to get a end of 2018 A/B side single out for the fans.


Since their formation in 2015, their tastes in depicting the stories in each song evolved, revolved, and returned. However, that’s just the constant. For it looks like there isn’t a sunset, but a sunrise for the band. The beautiful and memorable journey of their song writing has just begun.


Let’s ride.

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