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A Valley Son Shares New Single ‘Warm Mexican Beer’. Take That Heavy Weight Off Your Shoulders.

The gang in A Valley Son, debuted another new single ‘Warm Mexican Beer’. It’s that moment in time when you’re putting up your heels, after a long, long day; out in the plains of Nebraska, successfully wrangling the day away. That dusk colors of amber is golden and warm, on your face and arms – as you take a drink from that favorite beverage. In those few seconds, it feels like a dream; it feels like you’re on top of the world.

Enjoy it.

Remember it.

A Valley Son, a country western steel guitar wheeling indie rock band. The story goes that the wild wild East of Flatbush and Brooklyn, is tough, just like a decent stick of cowboy beef jerky. And it can be. In the thick of things, and going through life, a band witness many things. Good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny. And in this single, it’s the boys in A Valley Son tells the feelings and bumps, in the wilds of the heart.

The plush emblematic diptych of a song, ‘Warm Mexican Beer’ continues the band’s string of songs unaccustomed to Brooklyn, and very much at home in the 70’s west.

With a hint of rhinestone in the presentation of the songs, the band is an island inside a city of cemented rock n’ roll.

But we think they’ll do fine and dandy.

More than dandy, for sure.

Read and listen to their past single ‘East Flatbush Sunset’.


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