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AALTA // Aryk Crowder // Cruxader // KEAGAN // Tula

AALTA feat Elle Duke – Cities of The World

Los Angeles based production and writing duo of Daniel Pashman and Rich Jacques make up AALTA. And as you can hear, the sophistication of construction in ‘Cities of The World’ is just fabulous. The deep enrichment of each segment of the song, just glides and shimmers, making your thoughts from engulfing your world. Their commercial success in fashion and other segment so the world market is a given. Just close your eyes and enjoy the sultry goodness of this single and Elle Duke’s vocals.

Aryk Crowder – creamandsugar

What will your life turn out to be, after a break-up? That’s what ARYK CROWDER ponders in this soulful rendition of ‘creamandsugar’. The soaring emotions reach up high as he explores his raw feelings, and trying to keep things together. It’s over. The relationships is over. That’s reality. Just can’t let it go, which is the fantastical wish up on a love that derailed some time ago. With heart on his sleeve, Aryk beautifully sums up the dreaded feelings of being left out and getting the short end of the stick. We relate.

Cruxader – Aloha Vibes

CRUXADER is back with his new EP ‘SWOON’. The self styled ‘Hawai’i-inspired’ unreleased single, the west coast based producer takes aim at your fun side with the new EP. With his drizzly vocals, CRUXADER is enamored with letting us feel the vibes of the islands. It’s an inspiring natural setting for sure. Wish we were there right now. The ‘beachy’ single throws in tropical beats with notions of love and devotion. The chill pop single takes you away.

KEAGAN – If I Promise

What a world we live in. “This song started as an Instagram snippet (@keasounds) but after a great response from that, I had to make it into a full song. I worked hard on it and came out with what I would consider my best song to date. Its filled with emotion and raw feeling…” We grin from end to end, when we hear success stories of inspiration like we did of KEAGAN. With soulful effect from his voice, the combination of sultry lyrics and in-depth investment into the story of the song, the Atlanta originating artist is on his way. A very inspiring future.

Tula – Glow

There’s nothing that hasn’t been said of fabulous artist TULA. She is the what you need when you’re down. She’s the antidote you need in that lazy summer of love. She’s the one to give strength to your life – now. As you listen to the gloriousness of TULA’s production, it is quite apparent of her excellence in production and rapturous musical explosions. Just under the skin, the emotions are brooding and bubbling, where it coalesces to form a delectable formula for a future life. Your life. Our beginning.


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