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AARON JOSEPH RUSSO Shares ‘Home’. “I Pause At The Edge Of The Grass, Every Time, Before Entering.”

I wondered when I was walking home from work. You see, I work just 20 block from the office and the afternoon being such a beautiful part of the day, I couldn’t resist. I’d had a light lunch around 1pm and taking advantage of the low caloric intake during the day (weirdly) motivated me to try and lower it some more before dinner.

The walk is uneventful, to say the least. The highlight of the walk are the uplifted chunks of concrete sidewalks by the decades old roots of those trees. Not really sure what the trees are or what type, but they sure guide me and have become friends of sorts, throughout the years. I try to be careful when walking on the cracked sidewalks. In my mind, I am playing some games with doing so, which quickly makes me forget all the stresses of my day to day life.

I turn to Olivia Avenue, and there is the old abandoned house of the Roberts. I knew them thought the happy face of their grandmother working on the grass and front flowers, they used to grow. They were a lovely family, and were so fun to talk to whenever I crossed this street. They moved after Angie, their grandmother, passes. Was certainly a heartbreaking moment for them, as I empathized their plight.

And in a moment, I’m home.

I pause at the edge of the grass, every time, before entering.

For it’s not my home any longer. It’s become just a place of residence, since you’d left me.

Then I sigh, as I always do before my first step enters my officially designated legal boundaries the city has recorded.

And that first step, always makes me teary eyed.

Where I pause once more; just for a moment, before I take that second step forward.

“Wonder if it’s going to rain tomorrow?” I wondered silently. “I’m home Maggie! You missed me? I know you did. I missed you too. Where’s your leash? Get it! Let’s go out for your pee!”

AARON JOSEPH RUSSO is a boss. He’s had some hardships so far, and he’s battling many, winning territories. And in some battles, he’s won and conquered for his self-betterment. The odds were that he wouldn’t or couldn’t surpass such diverse array of difficulties. But he’s going against the curve.

And that’s where ‘Home’ comes into light. The honesty comes through in his single. And when you read his lyrics, it’s apparent and obvious of that very fact. It communicates the feelings and angst, thoroughly and clearly to us.

And that’s half the battle.

We’re looking forward to more from Aaron, for he has a lot to say, and we’re glad he’s decided to express them and share them with us all.



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