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Aaron Taos – Dazed & Amused

Sometimes AARON TAOS comes off as a ‘wise old sage’ who’d done his meditation at the peak of the mountain, then coming down those same hills and rapping out knowledge about relationships and its inherent frailties for us to absorb and learn from. He’s there for you. And the delectable part of it all is that nuanced sense of humor, and that tactile gumption that he explores in his singles (whether synth-pop or indie-folk) that drive your interest to NASDAQ year highs. This video is off of his latest album ‘Birthday Boy’. It shows in visual form the tasty goodness of his nugget center. The playful ambience of the lyrics, is that ‘uh-huh’ moment with no consequential deprivation for the odd. After all, as you listen, you’re transported to that California beach community where the gorgeous bronze sunset makes everything alright, once more. ‘Dazed & Amused’ is that sunset. Aaron is that skateboarding levity on Manhattan beach, with your girl. Heck yea. His album is out now.

Swym – It’s Alright, Nothing’s Real

SWYM wants you to feel uneasy about our times, but at the same time eased by the fact that there’s still music that we can lean on for support. We are, after all, fragile creatures as a species and we need all the help we can receive. ‘It’s Alright, Nothing’s Real’ is an integral micro-vision from a band that pops questions in between lunch and the eternally sanctified gusts. That wind will blow over you say, but will it? The 4 piece band started with one man, playing his private heart out in his bedroom. The perpetrator in this exercise is Nassif Younes, and it’s his aim to caress our souls, no matter how deviant they might be. With songs like ‘It’s Alright, Nothing’s Real’, his master plan succeeds with that ‘one small step for man’ but a whole lot of giant leaping for mankind, vibe. Virile but subdued, the shoegazy dream-pop endeavor shines. Don’t look at the sun directly, though. The band is based out of Scotland and is completed with Innes Cardno, Isaac Barnes, and Liam Cole.

Cowgirl – Different Ways

COWGIRL is a matrix glued by the souls of Danny Trew Barton & Sam Coates. A bedroom project, it gained steam to be put into studio in 2018. The York UK based duo takes stories and then makes them into music, with hints of peppermint and freshness, for our day-to-day energy needs. The live performances oriented band, now made up of Danny Trew Barton (White Firs, Sewage Farm) on guitar/ vocals, Sam Coates (JUNK, Moze Moze) on guitar/ vocals, Tom Robinson (ZoZo) and Jack Holdstock (The Federals), keeps it nice and steady, as they opine on the methods of communication that is their trade. ‘Different Ways’ eclipses as it parries through forests of inner hinderances and uninitiated nuances. There’s no escape from the pity. And in this pop rummage, it’s apparent you’re not going to be alone. Keep it real. For sho’. See them play next on May 4th at Dry Dock, Leeds.

The Binge – In The Void

If you like being in the firing line of The Gorillaz vibe and the whole of a Stone Temple Pilots-like attitude, you have THE BINGE’s ‘In The Void’ to keep you company. Sit there and stroke that thick fur of fluid grit inside the guitar works, and the rampage of the grammar of the lyrics spoken, not stirred. The constancy is electro mid-tempo hard-rock with a pang for the punk and a slap to the head. Then you enter the bridge of no return, as the skies darken and impending doom to your normal music listening lessens. Satisfaction is ‘In The Void’. A harkened look back at nostalgia, but saddled in mystic modernism.

cleopatrick – sanjake

See them May 2nd at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton Ontario. And you’ll get to feel what cleopatrick is trying to put down. And in ‘sanjake’ they are putting down pancakes of doom and exasperating glamor, without even trying. Hard-rock is what the single is all about. With guitar riffs as hard as Death From Above 1979’s demonic fuzz, cleopatrick makes it known that they are here and you’re going to dig your own grave, because you just wanna. Heavy, rousing, other worldly, always unexpected – they offer their souls for your pleasure. The urban and gritty nature of their offerings will get you to that final ending – filled with pleasure and unrelenting sonic ecstasy. An album is on its way sometime 2019.


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