Aaron Taos x spill tab ‘Loneliness Pt. II’ : Songs that sings that enchanting majesty. Hearts are warmed with a preference for a better world.

Loneliness Pt 2

Aaron Taos makes songs that sings that enchanting majesty. Like meditation at the peak of the mountain, coming down those same hills and charming with intuitive validity of contrasts and textures.

“‘Loneliness’ is a song I wrote when I was going through a rough patch,” said Aaron. “I was in the midst of a bout of depression brought out by a stagnation of my career and wasn’t really leaving the house. It was winter, which made things worse. What really helped me feel better was remembering that career/music isn’t everything and appreciating the relationships around me, specifically that of my girlfriend at the time. She was a shining light through my dark time, reminding me that as important as your goals are, connection and love is the foundation of feeling good and whole.”

With the tang of spill tab, a new value of love and warmth shines on the already delight, which presents itself.

A tradition of seasons, burst in the works of Aaron, more than not. And when that happens, hearts are warmed with a preference for a better world.

‘Lonelines Pt. II’ succeeds in that focus.

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somethin’ comin in a week 🌻

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how everyone doin . yal streamin clavilere ?

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