Aataché ‘Sea Shells’ : Dream for dreams. Within folds of dreams.

Go listen to their album, available now.


Aataché is a four piece pop band led by Angel Perez, Edward Perez, Doug Dowda and Tony Feijoo. And when you listen to their single ‘Sea Shells’ (and of their LP ‘Big Sky’) there’s this over arching feeling of discovery. A discovery for something so good and so very substantively theatric.

The use of flats and rhythmic vibes of epic proportions just gives you spine tingling shimmers when listening. The contrasts between the staggered timing and time changes, enveloped by the arrangement centric lyrical beauty, cracks open your notion of what songs can be.

‘Sea Shells’ is one of the more balladic singles of the album. But it never loses the traction that its compatriot singles at the early part of the album earned. It is a song of “classic melodies and lyrically speaking of parental love for children.”

Infectious melodies, textured instruments, beautiful fretless bass work, comes so effortlessly in the band’s work. It’s a return to a world of music that maybe we’d forgotten for a moment. Jazzy at times and always lovely, ‘Sea Shells’ is a beckoning deliverance of gorgeous delight.

It’s a song made of dream for dreams. Within folds of dreams. And a cast of characters, working hard for your entertainment and wonderful vibes, at each moment of pause and relevance.

‘Sea Shells’ is special.

Go listen to their album, available now.

Aataché has just begun on their fabulous journey. And in 2020, we’re apt to think that the sky’s the limit for the band.




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