Abandoned Buildings ‘Already Over’ : A subtle warmth is brought to the surface.

Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned Buildings’ single ‘Already Over’ is a charming reciprocity towards an emotions that is of all of us. A steep learning curve, a diving collapse of feelings and numbing outcomes – the band’s emotive pulse, pushes the boundaries of pop, in the most nostalgic of ways. A subtle warmth is brought to the surface, as the instruments layer to encapsulate and propagate the longings we desire.

Abandoned Buildings are a band of 5 friends who take their name and inspiration from the dilapidated old mill in Bradford where they write, rehearse and record their music. Their sound is inspired by the post-industrial landscape of the city and the stark contrasting beauty of the moors that surround them.

The debut Album ‘Disappear Forever’ is out now.

The band consists of: Andy Ramsden, Ben Cleverley, John Maskrey, Jonny Lee Hart and Paul McNulty.


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