ABBY DIAMOND Shares Seductive ‘Irrelevant (prod. slenderbodies)’.

The former jazz vocalist from New Orleans (now based in Brooklyn) brings the shapes of color and aesthetics that is outright deserving of this creamy dessert of a single. ABBY DIAMOND (teaming up with slenderbodies) is an artist, and with her music, the draping of brilliance is encoded within the slices of life, she depicts, and characterizes in her lyrical suppositions. The relevant and topical subjects, are a spring board to a higher layer of definition. And in ‘Irrelevant’ she takes it up a notch, and with the new height of consciousness, she wields her hammer, gently into our already sonically influenced souls.

“I have this thing that I only sing songs other people write if the words are so true for me that I feel like I could have written them. When I heard the song, I was kind of astonished. I felt everything. As for the music video, I guess it has two meanings. First of all, I made it with one of my best friends and her girlfriend, and we all had these memories of watching TV when we were younger and falling in love with the women on the screens. We wanted to bring these daydreams into form and let other people to step into them, see the world through them…”

The desire burns hard in Abby.

And as listeners, we can’t help but want to burn from her searing heat.

It’s an experience.

Abby throws a concert series named HEAVEN, and the next show will be on December 31 in San Francisco, CA. The actual venue isn’t determined yet, but the music/burlesque show should be as exciting as it sounds.

Abby describes HEAVEN as: “…think high fashion burlesque, drag, sensual acrobatics, and overall bitchcraft…”




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