Abby Lokelani ‘are you happy now?’ : When idyllic relationships are crushed by the whims of life.

Abby Lokelani

‘are you happy now?’ is the debut single of singer-songwriter Abby Lokelani. Written on her native island of Maui, Hawaii, “are you happy now?” blends topical lyrical language with exciting production.

A dimension of melancholy, simmers into a cement like absolution with the statements of betterment. An anthem of this and that, succumbs in a haze of thoughts – just like we all do sometimes when idyllic relationships are crushed by the whims of life.

But like a Phoenix, the heart recovers and lives for another day.

With a subtle touch in shades and unperturbed angst, ‘are you happy now’ is a small step for self-examining recovery.

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