Abc Dialect Shares ‘Break’. “Melodies, rhythm, and vibe galore. Dance you fool!”

ABC DIALECT formed in 2017 and the London based Argentinians, Tomás Susevich and Luca Oliva Knight, makes music that chills and simply makes you cooler.

Mind you, it’s hard to have us at CHF be vibin’ like we’re actually ‘cool’, but if there was a song that can make you feel any cooler, ‘Break’ would be it.

Delectable in its progression, with funk and jazz elements, dancing and prancing around those gorgeous bass lines, you dance to the beat, even if you’re at work. You must be a bit careful not to disturb your colleagues (for they have an major presentation to finish), but they will smile with you and give you nods of agreement when they hear this fab single.

Recently locating to Barcelona Spain, the duo producers have described their offerings as “smooth house vibes with a pseudo-psychedelic edge”.

Two ‘pills’ that suit our needs, don’t you think?

After all, life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know when the next decadent tasting filling will be in your tummy.

And with ABC DIALECT, your musical tummy will thank you for it.

‘Real Life’ is their latest, newly released 4 track EP. ‘Break’ is one that is included, and should be checked out.

Melodies, rhythm, and vibe galore.

Oh yea.



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