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Abi Wade – A Bit Like Love

Abi Wade’s ‘A Bit Like Love’ helped cast off our daily duties, and for a moment, took our hand and navigated together through the virtual forest – mysterious, looming, pyramid-like. Abi’s music is a wonderful continuity of sound, mixed with haunting but demure beckoning of solitary serenades. It’s a delight.

“She cast aside the thunderous tangs, which upon she scattered her vocal complaints. Why does it come to this maladie of tragedies? She silently cast off, into that void. Lonely, and forever hazed.” -CHF-

“Why can’t our relationship be better than this?” she asked.

“Don’t know. I really don’t.”

“I really wish..”

Then before he could finish his excuse, she put her index finger near his lips, silently shouting at him to stop. She was crying. She hated when he groveled like this. She hated the situation they were in.

Again. And again.

Was there a end? Was her patience, as deep as space?

It was eating her alive.

She crumbled, continuing her silent sorrow, on that cold un-feeling kitchen floor.

Abi’s rendition is a vivid account, of things could or should have been, in this life or in another dimension. It’s a fascinating tale, without many words, but it ensures so much with calculated weight within the arrangement and impactful emotions of its emissions. Her natural vocal uniqueness and talents, bounce off of her external instrumental notes, accurately and empathetically.

We were taken by the production.

Kudos, Abi. Kudos.

We’re fans.

She’s a talent and we’re captivated by her vocals. Looking forward to many great things.

This track is available [HERE].

Her latest album ‘Beautifully Astray’ is to drop, April 6, 2018.


‘Beautifully Astray’ Songs:

  • A Bit Like Love
  • Reasonable Doubt
  • Laws and Mankind
  • Hawk In Your Side
  • Lucia
  • Wanted
  • Gold Abyss
  • Obsession
  • Vandalising
  • We Are In Sight


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