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AC DEATHSTRIKE’s Single ‘Wizard/Witch’ Makes You Just Wanna…

Wrote on the melting skin of a zombie loner, who, for some reason, didn’t like being in the high-school band, ‘Wizard/Witch’ by band AC DEATHSTRIKE kills off the parasites within your soul, and eradicates with vigor. The punk howls of the trio made up of Alex Dougherty, Dawson Bass, Teresa Rose makes you forget about that zombie mentioned prior.

Might as well, right? Heck, a ‘zombie loner’ with lyrics written on its flesh isn’t quite what this single is all about.

Does it? Nope. It doesn’t. But one thing’s clear is that Alex Daugherty came up with the name ‘AC DEATHSTRIKE’ when he was in high-school. Then the name stuck, like puffy moss. It’s the band’s deep rooted legacy now.

‘Wizard/Witch’ is a fun diddy, composed of fast punk rat-a-tat-tat riffs, and hard jawed crunching of drums galore. The lyrical simplicity is attractive and naughty, for it is what AC DEATHSTRIKE does.

It’s what they do.

Oh, and by the by, that zombie-loner married well, and is living the good life in Santa Barbara.



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