AC Sapphire ‘Mini Tour’ : Charming and insightful decadence in flight.

AC Sapphire

Inspired by the myriad of consequences that bely her travels, AC Sapphire’s colorful vision for her music is a direct reflection to what had been experienced and will be. It’s her promise to be the person for whom she’d delivered, so far, in this vastness of emotional compulsions and decadence.

‘Mini Tour’ brings out tantalizing predicaments in the fine points of song. Depravity of love, and the volumination of it, all contrast to that revisionist unsightliness that just doesn’t seem to cling at the end of the day.

He was here. She held me there. We were one.

For a time, or another.

The coaxing breath of the love that was, is that remaining relation within the memories that pass with time.

And in ‘Mini Tour’, AC deletes in surreptitiously ambivalence, with kind hearted memorialization and notes to what it could have been.

Charming and insightful decadence in flight.

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