Ace of Wands ‘Feminine Values’ : It all rocks into a smooth gel of intoxicating oddities … battle-axe sharpness.

Ace of Wands

‘Feminine Values’ is the first single off of fabulous Toronto band Ace of Wands’ second full length album. The track is expanded with a dark and dizzying music video, produced by Samuel Scott.

Front-woman Lee Rose said: “Is it easier for me to endure the pain of female repression and remain quiet, or challenge the status quo? Is it easier to acquiesce to a phallocentric definition of womanhood, or face the pain of discovering my own?”

“I resist. I resist the constraints of the male gaze,” Lee expanded. “I resist the objectification of female bodies. I celebrate and honour what is true for me in each and every way those truths appear – in rage, in grief, in sadness, in joy.”

Ace Of Wands kicks ass in this single. Simply that. The coaxing reverbs, perfectly placed; punk-rock attitude, tinged in psychedelia – it all rocks into a smooth gel of intoxicating oddities, battle-axe sharpness, and lyrical engagement that just soothes with anger, peeking under the surface.

Satisfying, indeed.

Ace of Wands front person Lee Rose’s commitment to self-reflection and discovery (which began on the band’s first offering, ‘Lioness’) continues with ‘Feminine Values’.

The band is: Lee Rose, Anna Mernieks and Jody Brumell.

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I’ve got a very heavy heart today – we have decided to postpone our show tomorrow. This decision was made in deference to a recommendation by Toronto Public Health officials yesterday – which said that while large gatherings are not yet banned, to consider rescheduling or postponing events that are not necessary. Because we want to minimize possible exposure to COVID-19, and aid our public healthcare system by limiting visits to hospitals and doctors offices, we have decided to postpone. We are so lucky to have a public healthcare system in this country, and I want to be as conscientious as possible in supporting those frontline workers. . . As I said in my post yesterday these are especially tough times for the precariously employed or self-employed, freelancers, artists and musicians. Now is a great time to support musicians who are cancelling gigs and tours! Besides! We have A NEW SONG. It’s called Feminine Values and it’s on streaming platforms everywhere. Listen today and feel that rage. Xo – Lee and Ace of Wands

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