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Aces – Stranger

“Let the water subside. Don’t move. No waves. I love you.” Alex Stewart is the angelic voice of ACES, a ‘Brooklyn-Toronto’ sublimations of her continuation in musical determinations. And this time the circle is complete with her latest video for the single ‘Stranger’.

And just as the previous videos (‘Baby, I Don’t Mean To Ignore’ and ‘If I Could Be Your Girl’), the song stands to the harsh reasons of the confusion of love, affection, and to the way one’s heart feels, and trembles.

In a glistening high-art glow, the video for ‘Stranger’ sweeps that malnourished carcass, wielding that spearhead, ultimately devising that rifle, to kill, to mame, to embrace.

Then, suddenly he came.

Without a hint of satisfaction. The glimmer of sadness on his mouth, told her so.

Why was he here.

With her.

At this place?

She did not know. But she just began slowly crying.

His head was down, facing his feet. His demeanor told of his hate, embarrassment, dissatisfaction.

She wanted to reach out. But she dared not.

She dared not – for her sake.

For her sake.

“ACES channeled that restless, anxious feeling of seeing someone you used to know but is a complete stranger to you now.”

ACES’ vocals reminded us, slightly of Sarah McLachlan – wispy, smooth, sometimes flittering – but always strong and vibrant, in spite of the moment.

But that’s where the similarities end. For ACES’ Celtic like vocals haunts its way into one’s musical soul – breaking it, then mending it – all at the same time. Where there should be vulnerability ‘built in’ the notes, ACES, unlike others, makes it her own – pushing, and empaling her words.

All without obvious force.

And that is ACES’ strength. The ‘open ended’ songs takes one to another place, without festival or objectified celebrations. There is constancy and malign focus – but we get there, with a definition – to that meaning.

That uniqueness, ties it nicely in a beautiful frame, for the rest of us to cheer for.

And surely we will.

Kudos, Alex. Kudos.

We dig her sensibilities, to a higher degree.

And we think you should too.

Her EP ‘Stranger’ is out now for your listening pleasure.



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