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Acres Wild // TS Bright // Matt Pless // Fuzzysurf // With Hidden Noise

Acres Wild – Playing it Safe

Breaking through in 2017, ACRES WILD makes a claim for attention again with single ‘Playing It Safe’. Churning and affectionate, the jangly, garage-rock single takes the edge off of the table, and with incalculable suppleness, they take you on short journey of hushed sounds and velvety goodness. Dependability of the baritone vocals, suggest the gooey center of it all. The wrapping is discarded, to reveal the mightily missed honesty and truth. And when truth hits, you just know it. Let the vibe hit you. ‘Playing It Safe’ is off of their latest album ‘Patiently’.

TS Bright – The Wild Iris Plain

TS BRIGHT’s ‘The Wild Iris Plain’ is of minimal pop, converged into that basket of goodness we wanted in our formative years. The clouds of music, billow out of the single with Lana Vermaine’s delightful vocals, framed in conjunction with Roman Zaizewski. TS BRIGHT is about the the tones of gray, turning into colors which haven’t been formed before. In its designed beauty, every morsel of the notes are efficient in contemplating emotions, in full and majestic grandness of thought. Lana and Roman tells stories of our hidden past. Innocent and pure, and worth exposing, again and again.

Matt Pless – Ashtray

Running, running, running…and running. MATT PLESS’ single ‘Ashtray’ is the rant you want. You want this to be an ‘anthem’ of your ‘now’ and maybe for lunch. After all, lunch is one of the more important part of the day’s meals. And when reality comes and shocks you to a new plain of emotional trauma, we can enjoy Matt’s single with the kind of empathy and affection, that is due this single. Folk, Lennon, Dylan, punk – Matt is fabulously expert in this and comes through with fab colors in this tale of tales. So, fun and endemic to our scuttled little lives we all lead, with the best of our abilities. He tells us the way it is, folks. Relate? We sure do.

Fuzzysurf – Problems

Cozy is the name of the game with ‘Problems’, the single from the fab surf-pop band FUZZYSURF. Weezer, The Beach Boys, Talking Heads – whatever your choice, FUZZYSURF fits that exact mold to perfection. The Milwaukee Wisconsin band has it all from compelling vocals to the indie-rock-ness we always look for in this fun format. ‘Problems’ is the first single off of their upcoming album ‘Fuzzy & The Surfs’ (May 11, 2019). And when Sean Lehner (vox/guitar), Corey Murphy (keys), Ben Giddens (bass/vox), and Mike Roy (drums) gather together to makes delicious cakes like ‘Problems’ for all of us to enjoy, we should dig in and enjoy that glorious, airy frosting.

With Hidden Noise – Seven Days

Shoegaze and dream-pop savant, WITH HIDDEN NOISE, serves up the beautifully inlaid single ‘Seven Days’. The emotional rollercoaster soothes while it breaks the heart. Our fragility becomes apparent, as the sweeps of atmospherics wipe out our immediate thoughts, as the plains of white and snow, creeps in to an ASMR-like palpability. Ripe with overtures in decadence and rapture, ‘Seven Days’ promises to be with you. Until the hands of time, parts the gaps, wider and wider. Toronto based, Charlie Berger leads this project. His new album ‘Beside the Sea’ is available now.


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