ACUA ‘Run’ : Prognosticate into a full bloom of fab.


“‘Run’ was written in one night while lying on the back next to the mediterranean sea and watching the sky. It’s about a person who starts to run from the last row, trying to find his way, without knowing if it’s the right thing for him to do.”

ACUA is a young, German psychedelic band with spacey guitars, rough synths and driving, impulsive drums. Dreamy Vocals are embedded in a colorful, nostalgic desire.

It consist of Patrick (Guitar/vox), Caroline (drums) and Igor (Bass and Synths). When they speak through this decadent ensemble of waves and shimmer, ‘Run’ kicks you when you’re down, hugs you when you’re bleeding, and caresses you with beautiful glimpses of happiness.

The subtle contrasts depicted by the band is sumptuously glamorous, to be frank.

The ride of your life, begins with the ‘Run’ of your dreams, as the writhing glide of the guitar and contrast to the supple vocals, prognosticate into a full bloom of fab.

See them next @ Club Subway, Cologne on February 28th.


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