Adam Barnes ‘Canine’ : That song that puts a hand on your shoulder, in empathy and simple support.

Adam Barnes

Contemplating composure a certain kind, Adam Barnes’ single ‘Canine’ relieves a part of you of the burdens of suffering alone. In relationships, we all can relate, even though at time, it always feels like no one can with your particular plight. Unique to you, in this slice of the cosmos, but ultimately, others will know exactly what you’re going through.

‘Canine’ is that friend. That song that puts a hand on your shoulder, in empathy and simple support. It is the loyalty that will be always there, through the most thick and thin.

Breaking up is hard, and harder to cope from the shock. Second urges and doubts, further cloud our thoughts for the future and even hindsight.

But it’ll be alright. Promise.

Adam Barnes is a singer songwriter based in Oxford, the city he grew up in. Adam has performed and toured from the age of 16 and extensively toured the UK, Europe and US. His songwriting is introspective whilst being relatable and ebbs and flows throughout its performance, whether it’s performing as a man with his guitar or supported by a crescendo of instruments his music remains as fragile as it began.

Adam’s confidence comes through the thoughtful deluge of folksy pop and decadent lyrical play.


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