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Adam Duffill // Hannah Cranton // Timothy Alice & the Dead Star Band // Bjorn Vale // Meno Tempo

Adam Duffill – Colours

“I think when people first realise they love someone a fear element emerges,” said Adam Duffill. “This sense of how will my life have to change to accommodate this amazing thing that’s happening to me, and a fear of investing yourself fully in case things don’t work out and the pain that brings. I think our minds have a way of protecting themselves. I guess this song tackles reassuring the loved one that they have nothing to worry about from that perspective.” Adam has indicated that the song will definitely feature on Adam’s upcoming album ‘Torch To Light The Universe’. Forceful in all the right places, the conviction to conquer the severities of love and life, converge in the folds of Adam’s music. The past 9 years have included appearances at London ExCel, Camden’s Purple Turtle, Islington’s O2 Academy, Monto Water Rats in Kings Cross, Stamford Bridge Stadium for Chelsea FC’s Player of The Year awards, seeing off 10,000 participants to reach Future Music’s UK Songwriting not to mention various festival and radio appearances.

Hannah Cranton – Kite

“The Massachusetts originating artist is captivating, with spearing lyrics she has sharpened through the forging of life’s experiences.” That’s what we’d said of Hannah Cranton prior. And with ‘Kite’ that sentiment rings still true to this day. In this latest iteration of sharing a part of her thoughts with us, ‘Kite’ is, as she’d stated, is “a song about perseverance”. Hannah is an NYC based singer-songwriter, and had been described as having “transfixing voice and eclectic words” by publication The Noise, “clear, open and expressive” and by Lynn Happens, and “all woman…conjuring up Baez and Collins with its rich cadence” by Art Throb. The gentle weeping of her strums, coincide with gentle caresses of love in her lyrics – a gathering place for reflection. Look for her new EP set to come out in November 2019.

Timothy Alice & the Dead Star Band – Holdin’ Out For Something

Consisting of Timothy Alice, Bub Crumlish, Matt Distasio, and Andrew Kothen, the Timothy Alice & the Dead Star Band rallies the troops with a whole lot of rock n’ roll and subtle exclamations of life with single ‘Holdin’ Out For Something’. Timothy stated: “This is the debut single from our upcoming full-length album. Rather than recording each instrument track separately to a click track, we recorded in the room together to make the song more lively and allow it more room to breath. We felt that capturing our band’s chemistry was more important than the relative freedom and safety of recording the instruments individually.” Simple, direct, raw and unfiltered, the single is what you need to get rid of the week’s grind and into something more suitably you. The first thing is to listen to something that is tailored, and with Timothy Alice and the gang at your side, you won’t be disappointed. See them next @ Nietzsche’s, Buffalo NY on November 7th.

Bjorn Vale – Echoes

The project Bjorn Vale is Daniel Hopkinson-Brown. And with ‘Echoes’, you’re drawn in…into the cave of depth and unperceived misgivings of a past and maybe the current future. The beautifully laid guitar chords dance in a dangerous path of riffs and Bjorn’s ominously unperturbed tone in vocal colors. ‘Echoes’ is the title track from the brand new EP. Bjorn Vale said: “It’s a song about the death of a loved one after a battle with illness and the wish that you could hold them forever. When their memory is in everything you see.” The hoard of loving arrows blot out the sky in ‘Echoes’. And within this slow burning anguish of regrets and celebration, comes the undeniable honesty that exudes out of the song. The perpetual resistance to life’s gifts and faults, energizes the protagonist’s willingness to thwart and continue the individually manifested aims at the light at the end of the tunnel. ‘Echoes’ is a beauty of a song, unto itself. A compelling subject in exploration of the most personal kind, indeed.

Meno Tempo – Hooks

Off of EP ‘Trash Day’, the enigmatic purveyor of visceral alt-pop offerings, Meno Tempo, delights with this succinct single ‘Hooks’. The experimental but catchy song with some hip hop, rock, and indie/electronic vibes conjure up the that renegade in all of us. It rides the wave between dark, heavy, and downtempo, to improvise the sultans of feelings and emotions, indelible to our scars and healing tastes.


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