Adam Evald ‘The White Ocean’ : It is the most elegant single, yet.

Adam Evald

Adam Evald is a Swedish chamber pop composer. With honesty and wit, he writes mellifluous pop with and idiosyncratic classical music touch. His melodies are crystal clear, as well as his lyrics, and together they intertwine, creating a thousand-fold map of emotions, a picturesque soundtrack to heartaches and pain.

The White Ocean is the most elegant single off Adam Evald’s album White Night Blackout.

Adam said: “It’s about hovering between life and death, not knowing if one will live or die. The listener can either take the role of the person who might pass away, or as a person who witnesses their loved ones suffering. It’s a painful journey from both sides. But either way, leading to new life in this world or another, all ends well. Humans are strong. Everyone survives.”

A ride through a long stretch of middle-of-nowhere. A vibe of which is the invigorating feel, this single exudes. Adam Evald’s vocals soar, when even not; consumes, when you don’t expect.


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