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Adam Hanney & Co. – Black + White

At 7 years old, after the September 11th, 2001 attack: “I remembered traveling with my parents on family trips for 10 years after that, and being held up at every single airport we passed through. Random security checks became very specific. I often watched people lazily try to hide their prejudices by hassling my white English mother instead of my brown Jordanian father. I remembered being called a “sand-n*****” by kids in high school. I remembered the optimism I felt when the United States elected an African-American president, only to hear the very next morning in a high school class, “he’s gonna sell us out to the fucking Muslims/Arabs.” From the other side of the damage caused by the embers of what’s on the outside, the trauma had accumulated for Adam. Through it all, he tries to be even more empathetic towards the marginalized and mis-judged by the masses. “I’ve felt a fear of society’s acceptance to the Arab part of me for the majority of my life, but never to the terrifying extent I do now. I can barely imagine the distress women, people of colour, people of faith, the LGBTQ+ community, sexual assault survivors, all feel now.” Deep and conscious, in his own way and through his music, vigorously try his best to leave the world in a better light. No matter how small a step or how difficult.

Leisure Club – Dirt

Buzz and grit, slathered in the purging of a transfer of feelings and antagonism. The light headedness is vibrant and accepted, by the disorienting-ly floral vibes of the guitars and vocals of ‘Dirt’. The single from LEISURE CLUB, is a commentary on ‘fentanyl’ and the ominous crisis that lingers and grows in Vancouver Canada. “The drug feels good, it feels like something that’s never been felt before. In the second verse however things take a turn and the true nature of addiction starts to rear its head. Now the drug no longer works the way it used to, delivering the escape so cherished earlier. People change in the face of addiction, often times doing whatever it takes to get that next hit (“now you’re at your worst”).” Drugs are a lose, lose situation. Especially when the ingredients have been man-made. An addition that becomes an iron grip. Destruction and chaos. With death as an asterisked certainty.

Band Argument – Love the Dang Horse

BAND ARGUMENT, from their own mouths, is: “..neither here nor there, taking components of polarizing aesthetics and palettes and smashing them together to produce unexpected results. With the use of triggers, sample pads and MIDI pickups…Stuttering marimbas, augmented train whistles, shattering glass SFX and synthetic slap bass are just a few of the elements that Band Argument presents through their maximalist approach to tonality.” A dance inducing ‘Love The Dang Horse’, signifies just the right balance of ridiculousness and insurmountable talent the band displays. Whimsical and thought-worthy, the mathrock driving band, casts a gentle and charming ballad to work in this single. It’s a great time, to be had. See this articulate and fab band next at Kingsley’s Manor in Denver Colorado on August 13th.

Shyla Buff – ERASED

“I sat down and wrote these songs without trying to sound like anything at all,” said SHYLA BUFF. “There’s a part of my spirit that’s been festering away inside me for a long time, fermenting into a potent mix of feelings that I’ve allowed myself to uncork on this record. Don’t worry mom, I’m okay.” The title single from the latest EP, Shyla does things his own way, with The Strokes like riffs, pulling you towards that musical abyss – tackles your ambitions for what indie-rock can be, throwing that assumption out that proverbial window of nihilism. “It’s a pretty dark record. You’ll find me trying to cope with frustration, hurt, fear, unease, unknowing. The things that I/we usually try to keep hidden and off of Instagram. Those are what I wrote about. These things in no way dominate my life but seemed to want to dominate this record.” SHYLA BUFF is Evan Andree, and his surroundings make him explore through music. Look out.

KTG – Don’t Tell My Mother

Irish singer/songwriter KTG is Katie Gallagher’s solo project. It is a brilliantly thrusting indie-folk and pop addition to the Universe, with Laura Marling, Wallis Bird, and KT Tunstall like vibrancy and absolute confidence. ‘Don’t Tell My Mother’ is that exact demonstration in such effortless and gentle relationship that KTG’s vocals and her play, enables us to access. KTG stated: “the album is based on the old wives tale for Magpies (one for sorrow, two for joy etc.) each track relates to one of the lines in the rhyme. It was inspired by my fascination for magpies and how paranoid I get when I only see one magpie by itself.” Her debut mini-album ‘Searching For Magpies’ drops on September 26th, 2019.


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