Adam Helder ‘In Dark’ : Mission is simple… “Produce what is within.”

Adam Helder

More than techno. In the folds of house and drum/bass. Viscerally, other. Like the rapping taps of the Tell Tale Heart, a scourge of viperous and cogent beats, surmise intently withe siren calls of the devil’s horns. An intrinsic and downright punch to the gut, ‘In Dark’ surges with no remorse.

Adam has played on many of the most important radio stations in the electronic music scene, appearing as guest on Proton Radio, Ibiza Sonica, and Electra FM (Colombia), and with a monthly residency on Sceen Fm and Pacha Radio.

His passion currently lies in Electronic and Techno, with a special attention to moody and melodic sonorities. Keenly blending groove and melody, he produces one-of-a-kind tunes, with reminiscence of the 80s synth sound.

Adam released on various labels, to name a few: Kinetika Recordings, Witty Tunes, Sleazy, Alma Soul Music and many others, meeting the likes of the most important electronic music artists and journalists. In fact, Adam has been reviewed and featured in top magazines like iDJ, Dj Mag, Datatransmission, Tillate and many others.

Mission is simple for Adam: “Produce what is within.”

Mission accomplished in ‘In Dark’.


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