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Adam Prince King Shares ‘Saskia’. “So Cool…So Dang Cool.”

ADAM PRINCE KING is well, ‘king’. Listen to this single ‘Saskia’. Your dance heart and legs are ‘dead’ if you can’t dig this. Very simple.

Have you ever had a time when you were making love and was in more than ‘ecstasy’? The combination of her/him, next to you, in the right emotional states, mixed with mountains of happiness, collided that night – reeling in profound and utter revelry.

Adam has had much success with his video for single ‘Famingos’, and seems to be on a roll, continuing with ‘Saskia’. His popularity goes past music sites and into even that publication named ‘The Huffington Post’. Whoa.

His upcoming EP will delight, we’re sure, with 80’s pop and sensibilities, NO ONE can deny.

So, cool.



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