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Adam Ragsdale Shares ‘Lovable’. “Stripped back, but never stripped of substance.”

“Yes”. That would be our answer to ADAM RAGSDALE’s beautifully laid out question by proxy: A love that had been, but muddled in confusion and haste. It is a bright sign of acceptance and accusations; premature examination and unassured happiness. ‘Lovable’ is a song that is the exact example of what ‘perfection of love’ should be.

But it’s not that simple.

It’s more than physical.

More than emotional.

It’s a kind of love (and acceptance of such), that is deserving of each and every one of us to feel, at least once, in our lifetime.

The drudgery of ‘love’ is never too positive in our society. It is only put on a pedestal, only in the efforts to seek out ways to tear it down to dust. We revere and make heroes of that ‘perfection’ of love. ‘Fantasy’ takes over. As frail creatures, we are never too far away from that niggling feeling of ‘failure’. That engrossing darkness of broken promises and possibilities of true bliss, gone wrong.

Adam’s ‘Lovable’ is a reminder that, even if you don’t know (nor care) to love again, through his song, we can reference back to how being loved or giving love, can really be again. In a sense, ‘Lovable’ is a street sign that will always be there for you to seek out, when you want that feeling back.

The Oklahoma based pianist, singer, and songwriter is a majestic flight over oceans of doubts and fears, but with a unwavering and steely underpinning of ambition and gumption.

‘Lovable’ is stripped back, but never stripped of substance.

This beauty of a song was written by Adam and produced by Ben Cravens.

Adam’s latest EP ‘Tragically In Love’ is available now.



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