Adam Scharf ‘Sadhu’ : “Your breasts are the only bombs I love”. Better than the bombs of life, yo.

Adam Scharf

In an attempt to relive himself of the wellness he’d treated himself, Adam Scharf, was in awe of how it was next to impossible to be silent. All things, and all memories rushed through his creative head, grasping desperately for something to hold on to, while the heaviness of ‘silence’, became ever more dictatorial.

Said Adam: “This was the first song I wrote after a Ten day silent meditation retreat. I realized I didn’t control my happiness or my pain, and that my time was better spent focusing on my love for Melissa, my girlfriend.”

So, he wrote a song. And it is a love song, of sorts. Adam will be the first to say that it’s an odd love song, but its uniqueness and dedicated loyalty in appreciation for what we have now, is quite the offer.

The, born and raised, Utica New York native, brings ever longing sunshine to his immediate vicinity and also through his music. Now based in Orlando Florida where he just released his debut album, ‘With You’ – a blend of Indie/Psychedelic/Alternative Pop, this release defies genres. Drawing inspiration from late Beach boys, and The Beatles, ‘With you’ is a loose concept album “exploding with yearning for connection to something real.”

Get in with the tongue-in-cheek, cheekiness of Adam’s works.


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