adash ‘In the Dark’ : Clock that will run down, to a point of no return, of our hearts and desires.


Clash of mind and titan. The small, looking to conquer. An over confident rash of attitude and mis-information from the dominant. An overall formula for a new world order. A world of limits, new boundaries, new enlightenment.

“I wrote In the Dark after witnessing a business man trip up a staircase in Manhattan’s Financial District,” said adash. “The toe of his shoe caught the tip of the step resulting in the business man tumbling violently to the ground. It feels relevant to release this song shortly after a stock market crash since In the Dark is a morbid reminder that at any moment, any confidence we once had can be stripped from us. One can only hope there’s a new found sense of humility after rising from the fall.”

A fantastical, brush up against the realities of the age in ‘In The Dark’.

And with no apologies. No aesthetically revelry. The single is a clock that will run down, to a point of no return, of our hearts and desires.

Of nowhere fast.


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