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Addalemon // Bradley Arthur Maxwell // Bleak Star // Quiet Hollers // Fantazmz

Addalemon – This Town

Addalemon was formed in the suburbs of Sacramento, California by guitarist/ vocalist Cameron Karren, bassist Steven Mitchell, and drummer Billy Mitchell. With the production feeling like the sounds of Better Than Ezra, the indie rockin’ band just keeps on offering nuggets of encouragement from their song ‘This Town’. An alt pop-punk venue, the song really pushes with understated vocals from Cameron, then inquisitively framed to fabulousness with Steven and Billy. The California vibe is with us as we ride the coasts of the sun drenched accolades of youth unfurled and angsty to do what’s fun. Their upcoming album, Ripe, was recorded and mixed by Mathew Spady, Alyssa d’Artenay and Andrew Heinzman and then mastered by Jack Shirley (Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor, Remo Drive) at Atomic Garden Studios in Oakland California.

Bradley Arthur Maxwell – Alone

We’d once said of Bradley Arthur Maxwell’s works: “You never had it hard, unless you have felt love. And it’s eventual demise. There’s nothing that crumbles your world apart when that space where all possibilities have disappeared…The presiding rescue of this therapeutic single, just tickles your heart into believing once more. Once more of the love that was won, and the enthusiasm to go through the trials to get to that blissful place again. You’re back with the fervor deserving and deserved.” ‘Alone’ is a shimmering inlet into Maxwell’s world and thoughts. A slow-motion meditation on loneliness, the single manifests with full exposure of the truth endeavored. “It’s the loneliness of missing a lost loved one or the self-imposed isolation of our digital age.” Poignant is something Bradley does so well, so naturally.

Bleak Star – Only

Off of his new EP ‘Heat Death’ (available now) comes the single ‘Only’. Regarding his experience with this latest work of love and passion, Phillip Morgan, expressed it this way: “This EP in general I had quite a journey in making. I started making this material around the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. The songs were shaping up over the year as I juggled working an overtime job; at one point 2 jobs totally unrelated to music. In 2018 I moved into a new apartment with 4 roommates and one had accidentally reformatted my hard drive with all of my musical projects on it whilst trying to put Windows 10 to a usb he had. Suffice to say it set me back so much, but I was determined to still release these songs. So in 2019, I moved out, went back home and finished it off by September. Hell of a journey and I hope nothing like that ever happens again, but you live and you learn and I’m proud to have completed the work and didn’t back down from what I believed in or was passionate about.” Bitterness tinged, but forgiveness finally helped him cross the line. We celebrate his unique music and his perseverance. The dark and the light, never seemed more grayer than in ‘Only’. Influenced by his past, it is a cautionary tale into what positivity is to an individual and his psyche. Love has a place, but in what form? Only Phillip knows.

Quiet Hollers – Loup (Hide It Away)

Quiet Hollers formed in Louisville around the songwriting of singer/guitarist Shadwick Wilde. Along with Aaron West, Shelley Anderson, and Rafael Freitas, Shadwick’s vision of the band continues with effervescence that is delectable in every way. With that unmistakable tradition of Hall & Oats beautiful characteristics, Quite Hollers, bring that gentle sweep of beauty in every note and notion of the song. Wonderfully folk, and pop in ‘Loup’, delivers with a lyrically poetic gumption. Touring heavily behind 2017’s Amen Breaks in both Europe and North America, in several different incarnations, Wilde is taking some time off the road to write and record new material, both for Quiet Hollers and a forthcoming solo project. Quiet Hollers will release their next album sometime in 2020.

Fantazmz – Hard To Quit

“It was my first queer relationship, and first times always leave a mark,” said FANTAZMZ (David Gagne). “I cried while writing many of the lyrics for ‘Hard to Quit’, so the writing process was very therapeutic for me. And even though I wrote the song in the aftermath of a break-up, I wouldn’t consider the song sad. In fact, some lines are meant to come off as humorous, because I felt like the song needed to be funny. It reflects more of who I am. Afterward, I could have gone back and strengthened the words a bit, made it more poetic and less rough, but I liked how raw and juvenile the song sounded. There’s an honesty to emotional rawness that I tried to capture.” And it surely is NOT a cry for help. Though hurtful after a fall from the bliss of relationship, we get to get up from that bottom to rise up and forge up another addition to your personality. Desires change and evolve into something new, and in that, David’s future is secured and bright. A tale of learned outcomes, for betterment and growth.


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