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Adeline Hotel Shares ‘Habits’. New Album ‘Away Together’ drops October 26th.

The ‘sweet and the sour’. It helps in defining many things in our world that we care, or don’t care about. More than not, we care about the significant other in front of us. After a while, ‘puppy love’ becomes ‘real love’. And that’s what we want, don’t we?

The little things in life matters most, and our relationships help mold that particular circumstance – selectively stamping your brain with the kind of un-conditional love you craved – now reality.

We wish the world was just ‘love’.

We humans deserve that.

We are little animals, living on this huge planet, doing our best to work, live, and participate in societies that we have agreed to manage.

Sometimes it’s harsh.

Sometimes it’s bliss.

ADELINE HOTEL is a project headed by guitarist Dan Knishkow, and in his single ‘Habits’, we look into our selves and desire the kind of affection we receive from this song. It is that time when ‘bliss’ comes to the tip of our tongue.

And it’s perhaps very apropos, for the sumptuous melodies combined with the soothing and friendly vocals, define that ‘world of love and possibilities’ we keep dreaming about.

On the band’s upcoming new album ‘Away Together’, collaboration with musicians such as singer/songwriters Ben Seretan and Johanna Samuels, drummer Sean Mullins (of Wilder Maker), bassist Andrew Stocker, and steel guitarist Mike Slo-Mo Brenner (of Magnolia Electric Co.).

“I’ve always been more comfortable writing through melancholy, where I can pick something apart and put it back together more whole, more robust. Happiness is too ineffable, so rare and fleeting – the second you put it into words, it’s gone. I’ve avoided that confrontation till now, but this record demanded a more honest companion to it’s darker side and I think “Habits” really captures that spirit – if only we could stop picking at the thread till it unravels, could we be so happy now? Isn’t that love – isn’t that enough?” – Dan Knishkowy

‘Away Together’ drops October 26th.



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