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Adera – Little Feather

ADERA is made up of Tomás Valenzuela, and Tiffany Calderbank. The duo from Vancouver Canada, formed in 2016. Their sound is to keep you off-kilter. Their sound, often pop and inquisitive in nature, asks a fine tune of questions in circumstances. You often don’t know how to reply. But you do. By the tone and hue of their digital underpinnings, the duo skillfully dissects and manicures the green grass of waves, to curtail – and invite – notions of movement – abducting and sub-ducting in emotions. The flotsam and jetsam of our real relationships, gather at the mouth of the bay – of hopes, dreams, and of puzzling revelations. Let ADERA flash before your mind’s eye.

KERA – Vitamin T

“Beautiful…” is how we described KERA’s prior single. And as always, ‘Vitamin T’ continues this delicious trend of pulp and pop-tunes with the Orbison shine that is obvious and nothing else can compare. The traditional make up of this construction is deluged with the innovative and substantive catering to KERA’s musical sensibilities and charm. Kera Armendariz’ armada of vocal love, caresses as it entices you to find more and more about the project. KERA stated: “‘VITAMIN T’ is an exploration into connection, and the importance of acknowledging and understanding the change in some relationships. I was thinking about the people that are no longer in my life and how, at first, that separation caused immense pain and resentment in my heart. In time I began to recognize there were reasons for these changes; and now I’ve learned to view these experiences through a more compassionate lens.I wrote this song to honor my past relationships and to celebrate those that have given me the tools to identify the type of support I want to give and surround myself with.”

Lizzy Land – Messed Up (nicopop. poolside Remix)

Lizzy Land (Elizabeth Marie Land) is a Los Angeles based singer and songwriter from Portland, OR. And she has much love to offer, persuade, recommend, impart, and embrace. Just like the rest of us, she gets hurt. But she rings it up to life and makes it part of her DNA of the future. ‘Messed Up’ is one of her anthems, and she has a lot of love to give, even if it’s through such troubles. One of our faves, producer nicopop. makes his presence known in this ‘poolside Remix’ version of ‘Messed Up’ and the collab is fabulous. With delicious vocals from Lizzy made for such dance-pop endeavors, and nicopop.’s notion for getting people to get off their backsides, it hums along with painted serenity. Her debut EP released in June, and is available now.

Wildwood Kin – Beauty In Your Brokenness

The beautiful group WILDWOOD KIN offers up the Visuals for their single ‘Beauty In Your Brokenness’. Made up of family members, Emillie Key, Beth Key, and Meghann Loney, the beauty does exude from the trio. “We wanted the video to create a light-hearted, natural vibe to reflect the meaning behind the song and our personalities”,continues Meg.“We decided to choose warm, gold colours to represent the Kintsugi inspired meaning behind the song. It was a great experience working with the team from Sitcom Soldiers. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did making it.” The trio’s self titled sophomore album drops 4th of October and with vocals as sumptuous as they present, it’ll be a great way into the holiday season.

Shadow Jenkins – Wild

Beautifully synth and pop, the indie-rock invigoration of SHADOW JENKINS’ single ‘Wild’ is all that and more. The sound of this project is the work of Sloane Simpson​, Tom Furby and Joe Thiang. And the Australian trio electrifies with understated gravitas, with conviction and supple touch of love and beats. Sloane said: “It expresses the deep desire to feel love and share love without the weight of commitment and responsibility, which appears to be the impossible dream.” The song had been inspired by the “picturesque hike through the Swedish archipelagos”, where inspirations of lyrical beauty bloomed and stuck to the pen tips of the budding project. Love, loss, tragedies, and more, represent the underpinnings of this up and coming musical offering.


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