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ADI – Sex in my Mind (SIMM)

This song is so true. And it’s real. Expression of what’s on your mind is the difference between men and women. We’re all sexual. And we think a lot about the ritual of having sex. No shame on that. Some might be more discrete. Some might not be. Most of us lie somewhere in the middle of that bell curve. ‘Sex In My Mind’ is a commentary pop single about a moment and a moment’s thought, of a girl (or a guy) who needs some lovin’. And why not. We ALL need some affection and caressing, right? Boy, don’t we ever. ADI stated: “I wanted to write a song about sexuality and be super direct and unapologetic about that.The music video emphasizes the fact that girls can think obsessively about sex, just as much as men.” ADI is Adi Ulmansky, and she knows what you’re thinking. So go out there and get her newest album ‘Bad Intentions’.

Josh Stephens – Runaway

In a relationship we have hurdles to defeat. Well, at least if we want to get to the next phase. Loving someone is a hard thing to do. There are many pitfalls, and they challenge your resolve and loyalty. Sometimes you have lulls, but embedded in our hearts, there exists a unrelenting pain button, ready to activate, knowing those impending challenges will be inevitable. We think we feel that kind of trepidation in the lyrics and presentation of JOSH STEPHENS’ single ‘Runaway’. Anything can be possible if both understands the consequences of action, or inaction. Both are framed in double edges, with sharp cutting edges. But with love, those edges are dulled, in teamwork and faith in each other. ‘Runaway’ beckons that request.

Maurice Amour – ‘Believe Yourself’ (Acoustic)

We’d featured MAURICE AMOUR’s single ‘Believe Yourself’ a bit ago. But because this song is delicious, it’s a plus to feature the acoustic variation for this love song. Marurice’s vocals and the production behind the it, is just undeniably memorable. We said: “The ever uplifting single ‘Believe Yourself’ texturizes the uncertainty of dis-belief within, with the contrasting and formidable possibilities of the future.” Still true, for sure.

Alberto – Cuffing Szn

What a trip this song is. Yes, the mix of English and Spanish is always a cool thing. Yes, the hook rhythms just enhances as it gets mellower and mellower. But the highlight of the song is the sensibility in arranging percussion beats in the solo, which is decadent to the senses to the n-th degree. It’s like a love song where that ‘annoying-girl’ keeps on picking on you in class. And she only does it, because she wants to be with you so badly. It’s that girl who was so annoying when she’d be in front of you, but now that she’s gone, the world seems a bit bland. ‘Cuffing Szn’ is that kind of feeling. The song ends, and you look around to see where that girl went. So, you spin the song again.

Luk feat. BAER – Now or Never

LUK is the moniker of Lukas. And his love for electro music began back in 1997. Enamored after following his older brother’s DJ endeavors, Lukas continued to hone and spin as he’d always wanted. House, techno, and everything in between, LUK brings his passion and pride into each venue he plays. ‘Now Or Never’ is somewhat of a call-to-arms for his music and his general outlook on where he belongs in the music world. And he’s psyched. With the collaboration with vocalist BAER, ‘Now or Never’ shimmers into the stratospheres of here and the future. Love, finding truth, and accelerating into the unknown, is part of what LUK facilitates with his music. Word. Now let’s dance.

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