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Adinine // SYTË // Bridal Party // Pet Fangs // Afaune

Adinine – Blinded by Tears in the Sun

Off of their new 12 track LP ‘The Rest Of Our Lives’, the project named ADININE brings thoughtful indie-rock features in an ethereal sub-industrial track called ‘Blinded By Tears In The Sun’. A galant offering in vocal uniqueness, expressive lyrics, and an uncanny excitement within its understated hues, ADININE’s apocalyptic vibes, contrast fabulously with the interestingly positive more of the song. Not much is known about the project as of yet, but we’ll keep a lookout.

SYTË – Feel It All

The band stated: “‘Feel It All’ depicts a divine calling to embark on a journey of self-awareness—riding waves of love, dreams, and memories, both conscious and forgotten, till the ego is surrendered and the body becomes an accepting passageway for all things to flow through and to be felt.” SYTË (meaning “eyes” in Albanian) and the Kosovo based band keeps on ringing up delights. Continuing with ‘Feel It All’, vocalist Nita Kaja shimmers in nostalgic attentions and invigorating understatements, rightfully bring the chemistry to a hard boil as her mates Drin Tashi, Fatlind Ferati, and Granit Havolli completes this fantastic chill sound. The band had debuted in 2018, and has been gaining fans where ever they go. You can hear why.

Bridal Party – Speak Easy

BRIDAL PARTY is Suzannah Raudaschl, Joseph Leroux, Jordan Clairmont, Lee Gauthier, and Adrian Heim. And as their upcoming LP ‘Too Much’ is getting set to drop August 23rd, the work to get this distinctive vibe to the masses, continue. The right blend of groove and soul, the band’s generated humor, whimsy, righteousness, humbleness in their songs, radiate the kind of grounded effect on our listening hearts. Suzannah’s delightful vocals tickle your scale of wonder, and ‘Speak Easy’ makes it so dang accessible to that comfort and significance. A right way to enter that love you’d meaning to get into. Go for it!

Pet Fangs – She’s Alright

In an interview with Northern Transmissions, Joe Stark explained, “‘She’s Alright’ was born at our studio in Louisiana one night when I had to leave to come home to my wife, who was pregnant at the time. It was a time in my life when my artistic tendencies were causing a serious strain on my marriage. In any case, when the guys checked in, I just said ‘she’s alright’ and they started writing it while I was home. I can’t remember if they were reluctant to show me or not, but when they did, I was blown away. I wrote another two verses and it all came together. This is my favorite song on the record. I feel like we had a lot of really inspired moments recording it.” Something new. Something drastic. Something visceral. Something for the love that exists. PET FANGS’ singular admonishment for the status quo, picks apart the standard notions and gives energy to excitement. The lovely ‘She’s Alright’ is a journey worth taking.

Afaune – Volte

From their latest EP ‘Wiggly Air’, French (Compiegne) mathrock band AFAUNE comes throwing goodness through their instruments with ‘Volte’. High energy, as you’d expect from a mathrock outfit, the duo rolls seamlessly into casting shades of new galaxies with arpeggio dripping guitar and bass work. A condensation of conversations forma the gates of excitement, as AFAUNE relegates reality to the corners for a bit, while the purification process of instrumental rock continues.


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